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Take the guesswork out of tableware and conserve your time and energy with the multi-use microwavable and dishwasher-safe MultiDish. Multidish allows you to prep, serve, and store your favorite meals as an all-in-one kitchen essential. Whether you’re having a comforting solo meal, a family meal, or need to quickly heat up some delicious leftovers, MultiDish is the perfect solution. No need to transfer from plate to container for one meal, with a simple twist you are good to go, of course until you are hungry again.

 With the versatility of the MultiDish, you will never want to go back to your standard plasticware for kitchen use. Use as a mixing bowl for sauces, a cutting board for veggies, a vented microwave cover for splatter, a storage container for later, and of course, a plate and bowl for food enjoyment.

 It’s time to incorporate new dishes that make sense in more ways than one. There is nothing more convenient than an eating and cooking item that functions for more than one use.